Triple Scented ~ Poured With Love

Discover a world of beautiful fragrances with our carefully curated collection of scented candles, crafted to transform your space into a sensory haven.

Our Customer Reviews

  • Soooo I love these candles! I always get Powder Fresh,Thunder Berry,Maple Crisp as well. Baaabaay! That Maple Crisp is good too! It literally smells up the whole front side of my house and comes down the hallway. I even have the Maple Crisp Air Freshener & it's so potent that I don't need to spray much to get a noticeable linger. The Pear Berry is in my room smelling good enough to eat.

  • These candles are amazing!!!

  • I've been walking around my house thinking I left a candle burning or I have something in the oven.NOPE!!! It’s JP3 Scented Candles Air Fresheners!!! But the cool things is I sprayed the Pound Cake days ago and it still has my house smelling like a bakery. You did that sis!

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